The A N A Language

ANA is an interactive data and image processing software package and language used for ANAlysis of science data. The ANA Browser is an associated software package, particularly suited to browsing images from near real time systems. ANA is unsupported but executable versions may be downloaded and used free of charge.

ANA was written by Dr. Richard Shine is maintained and used at the Lockheed Martin Solar and Astrophysics Lab in Palo Alto, California.


ANA executable software for several system types are available through the SolarSoft system by selecting the ANA package on the installation form. If you are already a SolarSoft user and would like to include the ANA tools with your current installation, you may use the ssw_upgrade,/ana command.


Installation instructions for the SolarSoft system packages are found on the SolarSoft web pages (see links above). If you include the ANA package, please edit the ana_setup script file (found under the SSW tree in .../ssw/packages/ana) and change the ANA_DIR environmental to reflect the actual path to .../ssw/packages/ana.


An HTML version of the ANA manual is under construction.


The ANA Browser is an extensive program using Motif widgets, written in ANA for display and manipulation of images. It is useful for browsing preliminary images from near real time data systems and is currently set up for assessing quick look data from solar instrumentation such as the TRACE (Transition Region and Coronal Explorer) and Hinode/Solar Optical Telescope. A rudimentary help feature is available in the Browser software, which is part of the ANA tool installation.